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Croeso & Welcome to Actress Gwenfair Vaughan's Website

Gwenfair continues to portray series regular Mrs Tiggy-Winkle  in​ the EMMY award-winning  BAFTA Nominated

Peter Rabbit TV Series​  on Nickelodeon USA, BBC UK, ​ ABC Australia, Treehouse Canada,

Netflix & Amazon Prime


What the media had to say about Gwenfair's performances in New York...

"Gwenfair Vaughan is the voice of Beatrix Potter's famous hedgehog!"

- BBC Radio 

"Gwenfair Vaughan plays Biddy Madigan... That's worthy of the ticket price alone!"
-  Irish Voice New York


"Gwenfair Vaughan is very memorable as a professional mourner at a lurid funeral wake"

-  ABC News New York


Gwenfair as Biddy Madigan in 'The Shaughraun' at the Irish Rep Theater, Off Broadway, New York

"Gwenfair Vaughan's solo performance as the lonely Alice in 'Turnham Bloody Greene'

is very moving and bittersweet'' -  BBC Correspondent New York 

Gwenfair in a solo performance in 'Turnham Bloody Greene', Off Broadway New York



...Gwenfair Vaughan setting the tone for the evening with her focused, emotional

portrayal" - Backstage New York

Gwenfair as the female lead in 'The Cinnamon Moths', Off Broadway, New York

Gwenfair Vaughan Acting Roles Colllage
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