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 Although Gwenfair broke a leg acting  in an Off Broadway theater production in New York, she carried on performing on crutches especially made to match her 19th century costume - the show must go on!

When sharing  the stage with Oprah Winfrey and Hilary Rodam Clinton at the International EMMYS, she was appointed her own Secret Service Agent to protect her.

She has worked with the fabulously funny Graham Norton.


She has been singing from an early age 

She performed stand-up in a New York benefit to raise money for the Hurricane Katrina appeal.


She has participated and run drama workshops for children of various ages and backgrounds, and believes in the power of drama to help children express themselves.

Having studied Shotokan Karate, she has a second brown belt and was taught by the the renowned Japanese Sensei Masao Kawasoe


An accomplished swimmer, she gained advanced pool and open sea lifesaving qualifications as well as a teaching certificate.


She learned to sail in Sydney Harbour, Australia and has crewed in point to point sailing races.


Whilst white water rafting in Queensland, North  Australia, she was thrown overboard and nearly drowned in the rapids.


On arriving at a guest house in Ireland, Gwenfair administered emergency first aid to a small boy who had severed his thumb in a door. The boy's family later informed her, that her actions had made it possible for a surgeon to successfully reattach the little boy's thumb and secure his ability to use his hand.


Her first language is Welsh.


Her star sign is Scorpio. 





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