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In addition to her performance career, Gwenfair enjoys the challenges of the creative and production side of the arts and entertainment industry. Recently, Gwenfair was engaged as a Consulting Producer for a UK based theatre company, as well as a role as a coordinator for a leading UK television and film training organization.


Her role as a creative in New York has seen her engaged as a Creative Producer, Theatre Producer, Theatrical Literary Manager, Writer, Audience Development Director, as well as experience working in TV production. As a Creative Producer for notable organizations in New York, she worked in association with the British Consulate General, New York, the Office of the Mayor, New York, the  Embassy of the United States, London, and the Welsh Government, New York, in addition to leading Wall Street organizations. 

Gwenfair's all encompassing theatre experience has also seen her engaged as a producer and literary manager, in addition to directing theatre projects. She is also a graduate of the Commercial Theater Producing Course at The Commercial Theater Institute New York, an exclusive course for experienced theatre creatives, lead by principal producers and general managers in New York. Gwenfair has also lead and participated in drama workshops for children of various ages and backgrounds, and believes in the power of drama to help children and adults express themselves, and gain new insights about themselves and others.


Gwenfair has also enjoyed a role as a commissioned writer for a New York City-based, international advertising, marketing, and public relations agency, where she conceptualized and scripted a series for a new online TV channel.

Gwenfair is currently working on a slate of drama and comedy scripts for future development.

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