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Gwenfair Vaughan portrays

Mrs Tiggy-Winkle in Peter Rabbit world-wide


Gwenfair is a skilled voice artist who has worked for a number of organization in the United States and the UK, in addition to her extensive stage and screen experience. Her adaptable voice has been heard portraying a variety of characters in animation and audio drama, whilst also lending her voice to narration projects, promotions, commercials, and presenting .

Having voiced characters in a variety of accents and voices, she continues to use her training and wealth of experience in theatre and television to create interesting, rounded personalities. She also has the ability to create the world of any project or story with her voice, which has been described as rich, mellifluous, and reassuring.

Gwenfair is probably best known for her portrayal of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle in the EMMY award winning, BAFTA nominated 'Peter Rabbit' animation series. The first actor to be contracted for the series in New York, she continues to portray the iconic character world-wide on Netflix, Nickelodeon USA,  BBC UK, ABC Australia, and Amazon Prime. From falling down rabbit holes, to helping Peter and his fellow rabbits flee from danger, Gwenfair loved creating the chatty, lovable hedgehog as an elderly lady from the north of England, who has humour, wisdom  and  a taste for adventure. 

As a fluent Welsh speaker, Gwenfair has also dubbed characters in animation projects into the Welsh language, to be broadcast on S4C. Her wealth of experience and ability with drama, has also heard her portraying a number of characters in radio plays for the BBC.

Also in New York, she played the female lead in an online audio drama for Alltel, the U.S mobile phone company, as well as the female lead in an online drama pilot for Rebaunt. She also voiced promotions for Cartoon Network, and Bank of America, in addition to voicing a number of characters for Hippocrene Books' audio guide for Welsh learners.  

Gwenfair was also honored to narrate 'Stop Rape Now', the 'UN Action Against Sexual Violence in Conflict' for the United Nations in New York. As an international campaign, she  was one of a team of actresses who voiced the campaign for different countries.

Likewise, she had the the pleasure of narrating 'The Secret Papers' documentary series for BBC radio, along side historian Professor Peter Stead. The series examined the formerly classified UK Government files, released into the public domain. Also for the BBC, she was a sole presenter on children's educational radio programs for Welsh language BBC Radio Cymru. She would host the programs, narrate stories, as well as playing various characters in each episode.

Gwenfair has also been a regular contributor to Welsh language BBC radio news programs whilst living in New York, providing Welsh language reports of incidents and current affairs in the city. 

To read reviews & interviews, please visit the Press & Publicity Page, & to view a full list of Gwenfair's performance work, please visit the Credits Page.




Gwenfair Vaughan staring as Mrs Tiggy-Winkle in the EMMY Award Winning Peter Rabbit
on ABC Australia, BBC UK, Nickelodeon USA, Treehouse Canada, Amazon Prime Prime & Netflix.


Official BBC compilation of  Gwenfair Vaughan as Mrs Tiggy-Winkle to recognize hedgehog day 2017

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