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Gwenfair has a wealth of experience as a screen actor, in addition to her extensive work as a stage and voice actor. She is passionate about exploring the depths of her characters, and loves the challenge of bringing them to life on screen, creating nuanced, believable and relatable characters. .


She started working in television early in her career, and prior to being based in New York, she appeared regularly on television, portraying a variety of characters as series regular, recurring, and guest roles in multiple seasons of comedy and drama series’, whilst also appearing in independent film and working as an on camera presenter.



In New York, Gwenfair played the female lead in 'Gods Gift', a contender in The Academy Awards Best Live Action Short Film Category 2006', alongside Frank Pellegrino and Max Kellerman. In the film, which explores the relationship between celebrities and their fans, Gwenfair portrayed Dr Jenkins, a trauma surgeon, who enacts her revenge against a baseball star who behaved ungraciously towards her daughter. 


Gwenfair's most recent roles in the UK, leading up to her work in New York, saw her appear in a drama series and independent film. She had a guest starring role as Dr. Allen in an episode of the back to back detective series 'A Mind to Kill' alongside the great Phillip Madoc. It was recorded and broadcast in English for Channel 5, and recorded and broadcast as 'Yr Heliwr' in Welsh for S4C. She also played a police sergeant in the film thriller 'Alone' with the great John Shrapnel and Miriam Margolyes, and played the role of Lady in  the medieval film thriller 'Black Plague'. 

Amongst Gwenfair's series regular roles, was her portrayal of investigative journalist and radio producer Leanne Prys in the Welsh language daily soap opera 'Pobl y Cwm' (People of the Valley), Wales' longest running television drama, produced by the BBC for S4C. She enjoyed portraying the ambitious character, and the fast paced nature of working on the long running drama, with the opportunity to develop her character over an extended period of time, whilst participating in dramatic, poignant and lighthearted storylines, in the studio and on location.


Gwenfair also portrayed series regular/female lead Megan in two seasons of the Welsh situation comedy 'Hafod Haidd' (Barley Farm) for S4C, where she had the opportunity of using her comedic ability on television. Whilst portraying Megan, she participated in lighthearted and comedic storylines on location, in the countryside on a farm, and on a studio set. She enjoyed playing the spikey daughter of the forever scheming farming family who lived in squalor. The family included her grandfather, her father and her infant son, who she carried around in an old back pack and wheeled around in a wheelbarrow. Gwenfair's daily preparation for the role included having her appendages, face and neck covered in a brown clay mixture to replicate dirt, her teeth yellowed and her hair matted, before climbing into her wardrobe of dirty, torn clothes, and a pair of wellingtons. She was interviewed for her portrayal of Megan by the Welsh media, who commented:


"It's difficult to know how to judge an unkempt, dirty young woman who carries her baby around in a back-pack. But 'Megan Hafod Haidd' is one of the most endearing characters in the comedy that brings the sounds, magic, and aroma of the countryside to our screens..." 

Gwenfair also spent two seasons as series regular Hannah Jones in 'Y Palmant Aur' (The Golden Pavement), a period drama series following the lives of Welsh communities in London in the early 20th century, for S4C. She portrayed the complex daughter of the widowed preacher of a Welsh London chapel who rebelled against her strict father, whilst falling for the charms of a chancer. Although her character ran away in the first series, her fortunes changed in the second season, when she became a 1920's silent film star. Gwenfair embraced portraying the complex Hannah and her dramatic storylines over the two seasons, where she portrayed her development from an isolated, unhappy, manipulated young woman, who blossomed into a strong, independent woman. She also loved the opportunity of dressing in various sumptuous costumes of the periods, spanning two seasons. The Welsh media commented on Gwenfair's portrayal of both Megan and Hannah

"Judging by the awful appearance of poor Megan, it's unlikely that viewers will associate her with Hannah's character, the preacher's daughter in 'Y Palmant Aur' (the Golden Pavement), but Gwenfair is responsible for both characters."

Gwenfair also played the female lead in 'Tywallt Inc' (Pouring Ink), a singular drama for S4C, where she portrayed the loving wife of a writer who lost his creative inspiration. Although her character endeavored to help him regain his writing abilities, by engaging in behavior that would instigate his jealousy, in a dramatic twist, he shockingly became responsible for her grisly demise.  

Gwenfair has also appeared in various television series as a recurring character and guest star. Amongst Gwenfair's preferred guest star roles, was in an episode of the weekly medical drama, 'Glanhafren' on S4C. She portrayed a disagreeable business executive on an outdoors training course, and whose group was stalked by a gunman. She enjoyed the psychological journey of her character, and the physical challenges of the story, which required her and her fellow actors to work in a forest, creating the fearful circumstances of fleeing for their lives whilst being pursued. They continually trekked and ran in a forest on the outskirts of Cardiff, Wales, crossed a river on a rope, and took refuge in various locations in the undergrowth, with their ordeal culminating in their ability to overpower the gunman.  

In addition to her screen acting experience, Gwenfair has also enjoyed working as a television studio and on location presenter, a role which has been well suited to her interest in people and ability to think on her feet. Her first television contract was as a presenter on a children's program on S4C, which had an innovative revolving set divided into separate rooms. She and her fellow presenter would travel from one room to the next, entertaining and educating their young audience.


Gwenfair also presented for BBC Choice on 'The Wrap' arts and magazine program, where she interviewed artist from various genres about their work, life and careers. In New York, she hosted a theater review segment on a TV pilot for the City of New York, and presented a 'Wales Week New York' guide for the Welsh Government, New York.

To read reviews & interviews, please visit the Press & Publicity Page, & to view the full list of Gwenfair's screen, stage & voice work, please visit the Credits Page. 


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